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John H.


"This is a great place to work. Everybody's team oriented; it's not just me, me, me. I see the president walking the floor everyday and that makes a big difference. They've got an open door policy where you can go in and talk to your supervisor about anything going on. A lot of companies, when you are out in the field and you have an issue, you can't always get a supervisor involved."

"The thing that I like most about working here is the opportunities for overtime."

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Melissa M.

Marketing Analyst

"I was referred to Oxford by people who had worked at U-Haul. I chose U-Haul because of the stability this company offers and also the opportunity for growth; I wanted to work for a company that values their employees."

"Benefits were a big deciding factor in why I chose to work for Oxford. I have a family and we have a really great insurance plan. Especially with dental!"

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Joel S.

Senior Software Developer

"I enjoy the flexibility of my job at U-Haul. I like being able to work from just about anywhere; in the office or at home. I have a flexible schedule too, it isn't just a normal 9 to 5 job. Not a lot of companies out there offer the kind of opportunity that U-Haul has given me. I was in one position and they helped me along and got me where I am today."

"The best thing about programming for U-Haul is that everything is done in-house, so it is easy to communicate with other teams and for everyone to work together."

"Our benefits are great. Whenever I need to use our health insurance, I just present the card and know that everything will be taken care of. It's the best."

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Richard D.

Project Coordinator

"I enjoy the corporate environment - my work helps customers all over the US and Canada, and contributes to the growth of the whole U-Haul organization."

"When I started my career at the corporate office I was a Production Assistant, followed by Production Supervisor, and now Project Coordinator. There have been many opportunities for me to advance professionally within U-Haul and learn new skills."

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