U-Haul Technical Center Career Opportunities

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Auction Program Coordinator

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Under the direction of the Program Manager, Fleet Sales & Support, responsible for new program development, maintenance and timely implementation of said programs. Improve existing fleet rotation programs to meet the standards and goals established for the department. Supervise Staff Assistants and manage sales lot activity.

• Plan and develop methods and procedures for implementing program, direct and coordinate program activities, and exercise control over personnel responsible for specific functions or phases of the program.
• Identify vehicles to be auctioned. Exercise decision making skills to allow for more effective rotation of fleet vehicles while maintaining rental revenue.
• Issue purchase requisitions for materials and parts necessary to perform work.
• Schedule viewing of vehicles with wholesale buyers. Coordinate with outside areas in meeting deadlines.
• Determine retail and wholesale pricing. Interpret policy to ensure company objectives are being met.
• Negotiate sales process with wholesale buyers.
• Coordinate the completion of condition reports with U-Haul Shops.
• Accept or decline bids from auction.
• Arrange for titles to be sent to qualified buyers.
• Provide feedback to upper management on vehicle values.

Computer Support Specialist

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Under the direction of the Computer and Network Support Specialist, responsible for providing support to end users of the computer systems at the U-Haul Technical Center. Support may include the installation, removal, troubleshooting and repair to elements of the Technical Center network such as software, cables, computer equipment, telephones and printers.

• Reasonable and predictable attendance.
• Diagnose hardware and software problems reported by users and provide a prompt and proper resolution. Arrange for any necessary corrective action or escalate problem to higher priority as required to resolve.
• Maintain computer network and related computing environments including computer hardware and software.
• Replace or repair defective components.
• Maintain documentation of hardware, software and installation procedures.
• Install new, or move existing telephones, fax lines, network cabling, public address speakers, computer equipment and printers as needed.


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Under immediate supervision by designated Leader, Supervisor or Manager, maintain good housekeeping in assigned work area and comply with all safety and security practices.
  • Clean, sweep, dust, wax and buff floors.
  • Vacuum carpeting or dry/wet mop offices and restrooms.
  • Move materials and furniture as needed.
  • Empty waste cans, remove trash and dump in appropriate pick-up locations.
  • Replenish supplies; reorder as needed.
  • Check area to assure that unnecessary lights are turned off.
  • Perform other duties as required or assigned.
  • Engineer

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    Under the direction of the Director, Design Development Controls assist in the preparation of mechanical designs by evaluating mechanical structures such as fasteners, materials and geometries in conjunction to usage of their design.

    • Apply engineering analysis to evaluate and improve design.
    • Create mathematical models of existing and future designs and evaluate their weaknesses and use to provide product improvements. Ensure designs meets required criteria.
    • Solid model truck and trailer parts for evaluation in computer simulation software.
    • Use Finite Element Analysis (FEA) tools to analyze designs. Justify results with appropriate hand calculations.
    • Use Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) software to analyze designs. Justify results with appropriate hand calculations.
    • Provide expertise for all levels of management regarding analysis results and applicability to present and future product design.
    • Maintain expertise and knowledge of assigned area of responsibility in relation to local, state, and federal legislative activity, design concepts, tooling, product performance and reliability, developing trends or problem areas, product safety, testing methods and procedures.
    • Assure prompt completion of assigned projects within given time frames and document same.
    • Plan and develop experimental test programs. Analyze test data and reports to determine if design meets functional and performance specifications. Prepare design modifications as needed.
    • Study engineering and technical publications to keep abreast of technological changes and developments in industry.

    Other Duties Performed Occasionally:
    • Provide testimony to legal actions pertaining to product activity as required.
    • May be required to travel in the Field to provide expertise in relation to assigned areas of responsibility.
    • Maintain membership in American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), and other associated organizations concerned with specifications and standards regarding materials, fasteners, trucks and trailers.

    Engineer Technician

    Job Code:
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    Under the direction of the Supervisor, Development Shop, must be able to perform a wide variety of experimental and developmental shop assignments utilizing several different trades requiring the necessary experience and skill to: operate shop equipment; use a wide variety of both power driven and hand operated tools; fabricate and assemble various components and products; analyze assemblies; assist in product development; build and test new tooling designs; review specifications; understand methods and procedures for manufacturing; inspect and test products; along with analyzing problems. Work with a minimum amount of supervision, relying on blueprints, sketches, and work orders. Provide technical guidance and instruction to Technicians assigned to program/project. Act as a Lead at the direction of the immediate Supervisor
  • Operate shop equipment such as press brake, shear, press, electric saws, bending and milling machines, welders, grinder, lathe, drill press, rolls, riveting machine, fork lift, etc.
  • Use power and hand tools needed to do work in various trades such as sheet metal, iron work, electronics, woodworking, pipefitting, millwright, etc.
  • Fabricate components from all types of materials such as sheet, bars, rounds, synthetics, wood, glass, plastics, and rubber. Perform layout work as required.
  • Assemble components and products.
  • Tear down items analyzing problems to determine the cause of failure.
  • Participate in the development, building, and testing of tooling needed to manufacture and/or repair products in shop. Make recommendations or changes that are needed to eliminate problems for staff working on the end product.
  • Review specifications, methods and procedures to be used in manufacturing to determine any errors prior to this information being furnished to the field.
  • Inspect new and existing products and components for conformity to specifications. Ability to spot and point out potential problems with new and existing products, as well as the ones we are developing and recommend corrective action.
  • Direct the technical efforts of other Technicians on special projects, and where several people are required. Make technical decisions based on experience and standard practice, referring unusual situations to the Supervisor.
  • Assist in production start-up at major manufacturing plants by instructing the personnel in proper assembly based on development experience.
  • Maintain Development Shop area in a clean and orderly manner, complying with safety requirements at all times and ensuring that all safety hazards are rectified immediately upon awareness of the situation.
  • Executive Fleet Sales & Purchasing

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    The ideal candidate will be responsible for developing strategies surrounding sales and purchases of vehicles in our fleet sales department. Will be responsible for the development of new programs and the enhancement of current programs related to equipment acquisition and disposal.

    Coordinate Fleet Sales and Support efforts with all U-Haul related programs such as repair, licensing, supply, IT development and manufacturing. Assist in managing of vendors and negotiating with vendors for the acquisition of vehicles. Under the direction of the Director of Fleet Sales and Support, U-Haul Technical Center.

    Interaction with U-Haul Field Teams, UHI and Tech Center Staff, Management, Manufacturers and Vendors. Ability to analyze programs, procedures and reports. Ability to be an independent, strategic thinker. Should possess the aptitude to work in a computerized environment using computer software programs such as Excel, Word for Windows and PowerPoint. Formulate department goals and forecasts that include both short-term and long-term objectives. Flexibility to adjust as the priorities and workload change. Strong ability to lead and direct personnel. Possess a general understanding of vehicles. Effective verbal, written and presentation skills are essential. Travel is involved.

    Fleet Sales Customer Service Representative

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    Under the direction of the Manager Fleet Sales, the ideal candidate will be responsible for answering incoming phone calls for the truck sales group and transfer calls to sales locations. The ideal candidate will be able to navigate through multiple computer programs simultaneously and work on and build Excel Spreadsheets.


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    Under the direction of a Project Group Supervisor or other designated supervisor, develop computer programs from specifications prepared by supervisor or of own design. Design and develop information processing systems which are primarily computer-oriented. Provide technical guidance to Programmers and new department members as needed.

    • Reasonable and predictable attendance is essential.
    • Study programming and systems assignments as given by the Project Group Supervisor or other supervisor.
    • Request additional information about assignments from immediate supervisor.
    • Research existing computer systems, U-Haul policies and departmental procedures or contact individuals in other involved areas to assist in problem definition. May act as a project leader and be responsible for control and direction of short term/medium range projects (typically 3 months or less in duration) involving systems of some complexity.
    • Work with client to design system. Cooperate in team effort to ensure effective communication and coordination with all departments and other Computer Support Services’ departments.
    • Analyze subject matter of operations to be automated and identify conditions and criteria required to achieve satisfactory results. Specify number and types of records, files, and documents to be used.
    • Outline actions to be performed by personnel and computer in sufficient detail for presentation to management and for programming. Estimate time and cost required to design the recommended system.
    • Design and write new systems or improvements to existing systems.
    • Recommend new systems or improvements to existing systems.
    • Prepare data, input from various types of platforms, for interface in server processing.
    • Code the program in the language specified. Test and debug the program to ensure that it performs as specified by the program assignment. Ensure that system performs requested function effectively and accurately. Present results of final system test to client approval.
    • Implement programs and systems according to agreed-upon schedule and established procedures. Obsolete modified or replaced systems or programs. Document the program and operational procedures needed to implement the system according to established procedures.
    • Prepare and submit weekly written reports (or as directed) to supervisor on the status of programming assignments. Present the results of analysis, an evaluation of existing and recommended systems, and the design estimate to the client in a system document.
    • Must maintain familiarity with improved computer technology and client/server development through seminars, class attendance, and trade magazines.

    Project Coordinator

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    Under the general direction of the Repair Shop Management, is responsible for providing general operational support for the department. Coordinate the work efforts of the various staff team members and computer programmers. Implement and administer programs which require product knowledge and system experience.

    • Reasonable and predictable attendance is essential.
    • Coordinate and prioritize work projects for computer programmers. Maintain working knowledge of formats and applications in order to provide support, as required.
    • Liaison among departments to complete projects in a timely manner that require the participation of multiple departments.
    • Provide QA for computer programming in terms of “is it what the end user needs and asked for?”.
    • Provide guidance and leadership to staff support. Insure completed assignments meet deadlines and follow corporate and departmental standards.
    • Assist program managers in troubleshooting issues by researching problems and developing corrective actions.
    • Prepare bi-weekly payroll and process PAs as required.
    • Impart knowledge gained from experience to assist others in their job functions.

    Repair Research Junior Intern

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    Aid technicians on repairs. Follow up on project tasks with different departments. Shop maintenance.

    Staff Assistant

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    Under the direction of a Supervisor or Manager, perform a variety of clerical and delegated duties to support department requirements. Demonstrate superior skills and thorough knowledge of organization or department practices and procedures. Generate and maintain confidential files and reports. Use word processor and/ or personal computer in performing assigned tasks. Answer telephone calls, take and relay messages.

    • Reasonable and predictable attendance is essential.
    • Answer incoming calls, take messages and assure that messages are delivered. Route calls to proper individuals or obtain pertinent information and forward via email or paper message.
    • Greet visitors to the department and direct them to the appropriate individuals.
    • May make travel arrangements for staff personnel.
    • Open and distribute daily mail and prepare outgoing mail. Maintain and order all office supplies.
    • Assist supervisor in developing various reports and documents by gathering, consolidating, calculating, inputting or retrieving data or information in or from personal computer (PC) or other sources.
    • Type or use a personal computer (PC) to prepare documents such as department correspondence, memos, reports and labels.
    • May be required to prepare computerized payroll for the department.
    • Maintain and update various departmental files.

    Statistical Analyst

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    Under the direction of the Director of Repair Shop Management prepare weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual reports and analysis to aid Management in the decision making process. Create ad-hoc reports as required, and be able to interpret data requests as to the type of reporting needed. Research and/or extract data from various U-Haul computer systems, and be able to manipulate and analyze it to reach a conclusion. For computer data, the Analyst should also be able to recommend ways to uphold and improve data integrity within the computer systems. Create clear and concise reports, graphs, and presentations of findings to management. Based in the feedback from various sources, be able to ascertain the best method to go forward looking for issues and problems.

    • Reasonable and predictable attendance is essential.
    • Prepare analytical reports looking at various areas related to Repair and Maintenance, to include budgeting, part usage and quality, labor usage and potential abuse, parts inventory usage, efficiency, various measures of preventive maintenance, roadside assistance, and campaign performance.
    • Create reports and/or data feeds for reports and web pages to present data to the field and repair analyst positions to help them with their management tasks.
    • Create data and make recommendations to the Quality assurance team as to shops that need attention, and what to look for during the visit (areas that need improvement or investigation.).
    • Keep abreast of the latest tools and techniques in the field. Learn pertinent software and develop better techniques of analyzing U-Haul’s data.

    Supply Chain Intern

    Job Code:
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    Under the direction of the assigned Manager, the intern will perform functions assigned to specific department. Duties may include but are not limited to the following:

    • Reasonable and predictable attendance is essential.
    • Conduct pertinent statistical analyses as required.
    • Investigate and research topics, programs, competitors, etc. to gather and synthesize information that will be needed to refine strategies and project plans.
    • Assist with database management, statistical analyses, literature reviews, and project coordination.
    • Research Projects with specific pre-assigned topics.
    • Consult with Program Manager, and department staff, regarding the implementation and conclusion of assigned responsibilities.
    • Present completed projects.
    • Assist in all clerical functions including photocopying, correspondence, filing, and maintaining records.
    • Assist the Program Manager or supervisor with daily functions of the job.

    Other Duties Performed Occasionally or Infrequently:
    • May need to gather information or pick up materials on a urgent basis.
    • Any miscellaneous essential duties not listed.

    Supply Coordinator

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    Under the direction of the Purchasing Agent, responsible for a variety of duties relating to and including the purchase of production and repair parts and supplies for the U-Haul System. Select vendors from authorized listing considering lead times, delivery dates, quality and past performance. Place orders for parts and materials with previously negotiated process and expedite as necessary. Initiate changes in orders as necessary. Responsible for preparing and maintaining records as needed for the purchasing function. Act as a liaison between Purchasing and assigned vendors.

    • Reasonable and predictable attendance.
    • Establish priorities on a daily basis and reevaluate as necessary. Determine and take whatever action is necessary to ensure product reaches field entities in a timely manner.
    • Source parts of warehouse backorders for downed equipment. Help expedite product from vendors or source from field entities to get the equipment repaired as quickly as possible.
    • Contact vendors on order shortages, or failure to meet scheduled delivery dates. Expedite the supply of critical items as needed or directed. Check for overdue parts as well as purchase orders and expedite or adjust as needed. Keep notes and summarize what has taken place during the life of the order.
    • Place manual purchase orders as required within approval guidelines. Ensure proper sign off, authorization, and accounting procedures are followed. Verify and sign completed purchase orders and forward for further approvals.
    • Advise Buyers of any vendor problems such as no response to order inquiries, late shipments, and back orders. Determine vendor errors regarding late shipments and request special shipping to expedite orders as needed.
    • Process First Article submittals. Input data in system, upload material certifications and request drawings for parts. Upon receipt of approval, e-mail supplier official authorization to ship.
    • Document Discrepancy Receiving Report (DDR) onto purchasing research page. Document vendor response and assist Buyers by following up until problem has been resolved and the DDR is closed.
    • Maintain file of vendor Certificate of Liability Insurance forms. Follow up with vendors to replace outdated/expired documents.
    • Audit Procurement Match Error Report (PME). Resolve issues with quantities, pricing, receiving, etc.

    Truck Repair Research Intern

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    • Assist in gathering information for truck product.
    • Conduct surveys and test results.
    • Create weekly reports on the progress of ALL overall projects.
    • Schedule “Common Repairs” videos.
    • Refine the Truck Comparison matrix.

    Warranty Documentation Intern

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    Combining all aspects of Warranty in to different processes. Step by step manual for training new employees.