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We work at never forgetting that our quality self-move, self-storage, and closely related services and products are to improve human lives. We work at never forgetting that these collective services and products are for the do-it-yourself moving public.

  • 01/04

Eddie M.

Construction Project Manager
Phoenix, AZ

Team Member Since 2018

I was scared of coming into a corporate setting—I've been fighting that my whole life, but it almost feels like I've been training for this. It's pretty cool.

In my job, I oversee construction from the ground up to completion—all aspects of the project. My background is in hotel and restaurant superintendent, but when I saw this opportunity I jumped on it. I didn't know U-Haul had construction positions and I really liked that the company built their own buildings and had a separate division. Right now I am on a build in Houston that is a full city block and we are building six stories.

  • 02/04

Travus R.

Contact Center Agent
Phoenix, AZ

Team Member Since 2013

Nobody would ever ask me to transfer to a different department because they know that I'm in love with the customer service I provide. I get to talk to people from a lot of different backgrounds, sometimes at stressful parts of their life. I might not be saving lives, but I'm helping people move their lives.

Working here has changed my life and the lives of my family. I participate in Wellness Wednesdays, the Farmer's Market—love the local honey—and the most surprising benefit is education reimbursement. Knowledge is power and U-Haul is giving me the power.

  • 03/04

Orlando M.

Senior Software Developer
Phoenix, AZ

Team Member Since 1997

I have been with the company for 21 years. Originally it was just a summer job, I wasn't planning to stay for more than six months, but the opportunities just kept coming. And because of those opportunities, I kept getting more and more interested and that kept me going.

I started out in the contact center answering phone calls for roadside service. After that, I was promoted to department manager, but after awhile I got an opportunity to switch to software development and that's what I love. I turned down management, I just want to be a developer.

This is a company that you can stick with and grow with. On the development side, I've known people that have left the company and then decided to come back to the culture. The environment is friendly and open, and the opportunities for growth are just phenomenal.

  • 04/04

Anais A.

Digital Marketing Analyst
Phoenix, AZ

Team Member Since 2016

In the past, I worked on more general projects, but I've moved over to Moving Help and I like taking one program and really digging into what things we can improve. I create marketing goals—a strategy for the entire year, what we need to focus on, what we are going to do, what areas need to get worked on first, and then go on a monthly basis.

I love when the goals come to fruition and I think "Oh my gosh! I did these things! It worked and I was a part!" The most surprising thing that I've learned at U-Haul is that I can do what I set my mind to accomplish.

If you want to grow, you can totally do it here.

  • Wellness

    Get your career moving with a company who empowers team members to the healthiest version of themselves! We provide robust wellness benefits, events and resources to help team members becomes the happiest and healthiest they can be.

  • Community Outreach

    Through volunteer opportunities for our employees to in-kind donations of equipment, products, and services. U-Haul is committed to helping the communities in which we do business in.

  • Military Support

    We are a strong supporter of our troops, providing ample employment opportunities and partnering with military and veteran organizations to support and honor those who have served.

  • Sustainability

    We are committed to sustainability through environmental protection, social responsibility and economic efficiency. U-Haul is dedicated to continually improving the performance of our products, services, and activities.

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