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We work at never forgetting that our quality self-move, self-storage, and closely related services and products are to improve human lives. We work at never forgetting that these collective services and products are for the do-it-yourself moving public.

  • 01/05

Jose F.

Paramount, CA

Team Member Since 2017

I was in the service for six years; I did six years active duty and two years of reserves. I took a year off and started applying for jobs.

I’m glad I’m working for U-Haul. I’m really big on teamwork. It’s really about teamwork working here, covering for each other. And basically knowing what your role is and try to learn something new. It’s just not standing around and waiting. Sometimes you have to take initiative and ask, “How do you do this?”

They’re pretty good benefits, in my opinion. I love it, that’s why I’m here.

The hours are pretty amazing.

  • 02/05

Donnis B.

Assistant General Manager
Gardena, CA

Team Member Since 2018

From my first two week here, as a CSR, I knew what I wanted to do. If I was going to do this, then I was going to maximize the opportunity. When I got done with my level one inspections outside, I came inside to shadow the GM and learned everything that he did. I was promoted to Assistant General Manager in 2 months.

Leadership here is approachable, they make you want to learn. I think it’s good when you have good leaders, it makes everything feel obtainable. Nothing feels out of reach.

  • 03/05

Natalie F.

Paramount, CA

Team Member Since 2019

I used to be a manager at another company, but this is more rewarding, hands-on work. I apply the decals to the side of the truck and it took me a little while to get used to it. It looks simple, but it’s very exact work. Even though we come and do the same thing every day, you don’t really know what you can expect. It’s fast-paced work, but it’s pretty fun. I’ve really liked getting to know the guys that I work with.

  • 04/05

Kurt R.

General Manager
San Clemente, CA

Team Member Since 1980

I started at U-Haul when I was 19. I didn’t know that I was going to be doing this my whole career and raising my three children because of U-Haul.

My favorite thing about working for U-Haul is the people. It’s the people that I work with here, my staff and the customers. I know every customer that comes through here, and I make sure they come back again.

  • 05/05

Catrice I.

Customer Service Specialist
Santa Monica, CA

Team Member Since 2019

This is something really different for me and I never, ever, ever thought I would be able to work in this type of job. It’s really kind of different and cool. I was a legal secretary before. I live right up the street and I rented here. The customer service experience was really cool and so I said, “Are you guys hiring?”

Moving and stuff like that can get really crazy and tricky. When you have great customer service, it is a lot of help. I love knowing that I’m helping our customers.

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