Everyone’s fitness goals are different. We understand this and strive to support everyone on their unique journey. We have developed fitness benefits that are applicable to Team Members at all levels of fitness. Check them out for yourself!


A Company-wide initiative whose mission is to build the culture of health by providing team members and their families a day of fun while being active!

U-Haul's First Active Day



Team members can qualify to receive gym reimbursements at any gym of their choice. They can receive up to $75 per quarter.

  • Gym Discounts

Marine Corps Marathon Benefit

U-Haul has been a sponsor of the Marine Corps Marathon for over 10 years. Ten team members across the U.S. and Canada will be chosen to be on the team each year. All will have a trip to Washington, D.C., paid for by U-Haul to compete in the marathon. They will also be provided with a training plan and coach through RunCoach. Bucket list anyone?

Please note: U-Haul Company's benefits may vary based on employment status (moonlighter and full-time).

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