Our pillars of wellness specifically address mental health, because we know that it is essential to any complete wellness program. We are convinced that a holistic approach to wellness is the only way to go. In 2019, U-Haul expanded its benefits package to include the You Matter Program, which assists our team members and their families with an array of free, inclusive resources and professional assistance available to cultivate mental health.


U-Haul has partnered with ComPsych as our EAP vendor. ComPsych provides counseling, work-life solutions, legal guidance and financial resources to everyone.

Monthly webinars and resources on all aspects of mental health.

Please note: U-Haul Company's benefits may vary based on employment status (moonlighter and full-time).

"As a working mother and full-time student, it's easy to forget the little things. U-Haul leaders recognize that, and through the You Matter Program, I am able to get support when it's needed the most. It gives me peace of mind to know that if I need help, I can turn to the You Matter Program for support"

- Kimberly P. | Project Manager, Digital Marketing

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