Properly fueling your body with nourishing foods can lead to better overall health, productivity and happiness! We try to create an environment that makes it easy to choose healthy options. That’s why we promote the 80/20 rule of nutrition, which embraces 80% smart dietary choices while leaving 20% for moderate personal indulgences. U-Haul offers healthy meals of 500 calories or less on its Midtown Phoenix Campus, and provides numerous resources to educate team members on nutrition.

"Working at U-Haul has helped me a lot on my weight-loss journey. I tried many different things before, but I felt like nothing was working. I wanted to lose weight, but wasn't willing to put in the extra work to do so. U-Haul has helped in motivating me to stay active with the programs offered, and to eat healthier by implementing healthier options at the cafe. Now, I'm putting in that extra work to exercise and eat better. I'm still not where I want to be, but I know that working here at U-Haul will help me reach my goal"

- Aaron T. | Freight Specialist, U-Haul Technical Center


U-Haul will reimburse plan participants up to $400 when they use a registered dietitian (RD) and/or a registered dietitian nutritionists (RDN).

  • Healthy Vending Machines
  • All vending machines through out U-Haul Company dispense products that follow the 80/20 rule of nutrition.

  • Nutrition Program Discounts

Please note: U-Haul Company's benefits may vary based on employment status (moonlighter and full-time).

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